You are a gorgeous work in progress

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Thursday, August 6, 2009 Under: Spiritual


You are beautiful.
Don't deny it.
You shine brighter than the stars.
You dance higher than the angels.

You are spectacular.
It's amazing how special you are.
You contribute so greatly to the world.
You make others grow because of your wisdom.

You are stong.
No one can hold you down.
You battle through pain, heartache, stress, strife.
Your foundation can't be broken.

You are smart.
Solving problems that seem unsolvable.
You create happiness when others are sad.
You find the right things to say and do.

You are amazing.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Trust your heart, your soul, your mind.
You are human - remember you are a
gorgeous work in progress.

Copyright 2009, Spiritualitygirl

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