Posted by Mary D'Alba on Thursday, July 30, 2009

You MUST be the most clever
the stronger in the bunch
the fiercest on the block
the boldest - yes, bold

You MUST be assertive
otherwise, how will the notice you?
You MUST beat out the others
otherwise, how will you be successful?

You MUST climb the ladder
You MUST reach for the ring
You MUST  cross pollinate, circle back,
assimilate, conference call, meet,
re-meet, conference call again,
uh-oh - did you leave someone off the invite list?
meet one more time...
and then start over.

You MUST run yourself ragged,
being superman/woman,
and oh, did you read that hot new book out?
You HAVE to - what else are you doing?

You MUST look younger every day
even though you get older by the minute
Here's the hot new way to do it -
Dye, pills, botox and spanks

You MUST network, talk to people,
Be Noticed!  Do It Now!
You MUST set goals - quarterly,
yearly, lifetime, retirement

You none of these things
There is only one thing you MUST do

Copyright 2009, Spiritualitygirl


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