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Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Tarot - Ordinariness

Today’s influence is the Ordinariness card in Osho Zen Tarot.  This card is the Minor Arcana card "Eight of Pentacles" in the traditional tarot.  Enjoy the hard work you've put in by taking a breath and a break.
The Ordinariness card shows a woman walking down a path.  She is carrying a basket of flowers.  Nature is surrounding her - the beautiful sky, the leaves full on the trees and the beautiful green grass are helping her enjoy her journey.
Take a few moments to just be today.  Look at the sky while you walk into work.  Check out the beauty of nature around you.  Before you move forward in your day (or even as your day progresses), stop for a moment to take yourself out of the hustle and bustle to relax.  You deserve it.

The Planets

The Moon (the planet of emotion, intuition) stays in Sagittarius today.  Experiences better be exciting because the Sagittarius Moon gets bored easily.  Try something different today.


The Moon disagrees with Neptune (the planet of illusion, spirituality) but gets along with Saturn (the planet of boundaries, restrictions).  Keep a balance between dreams and reality and you'll find you'll get a lot accomplished.  


Favorable for Signs:  Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius

Very Favorable for Sign:  Sagittarius

Unfavorable for Sign:  Virgo, Pisces

Very Unfavorable for Sign:  Gemini

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