Hypnosis is natural occurring state of awareness in which a person is more inclined to accept outside suggestions. Hypnosis can be used in many areas - improving your golf game, managing stress, boosting self-confidence, pain management, smoking cessation, weight loss and many other topics. The list is endless! Hypnosis is creating change in the body, mind and spirit.

Hypnotherapy was recognized for medical treatment through the American Medical Association in 1958. "Approximately fifteen thousand doctors utilize hypnotherapy in the U.S. today and studies show that 94% of patients experience positive benefit from it." (Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rose California)

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnotist's job is to facilitate the hypnosis session. Think of the hypnotist as being a tour guide. They are able to take you on a fun and relaxing journey of hypnosis. However, you ultimately decide where you are going. You are in full control during the session. Many clients report that hypnosis feels very relaxing and pleasant.

You may think that you have never been in hypnosis but most of us are everyday. Hypnosis occurs when you are deeply relaxed or highly focused. For example, if you've ever driven by an exit you were supposed to take or jumped when you saw a punch thrown on a movie screen, you've been in hypnosis.

Since hypnosis is a natural state and something we experience daily, it is easy and fun to be hypnotized. You are responsible for your own mind and wellness. Hypnosis can help you create change in your life and it will be enjoyable while doing it!


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