Mediumship Readings

"I found out I was a medium by 'accident'.  I was doing a psychic reading for a new client when her deceased husband came through and insisted he needed to speak to my client.  I didn't know she had a husband in spirit and I had never experienced this before.  So, I tried to shrug him off at first, because I had no idea if this was real or not, but he wasn't going away.  'My name is Michael,' he said, 'And you better tell her I'm here.  I need to talk to her about our son.' 

When I mentioned I had this man named Michael with me and he needed to talk to her about her son, I expected her to tell me she didn't know him.  What happened?  She burst into tears.  It was her husband and the message was very important about her son and his actions over the past few months.

It was in that moment I saw it was no accident my client's husband came to her at that time.  I realized how healing it was to connect those who has passed to those still here for comfort, love and a little laughter too."

A Mediumship reading is a wonderful way to connect with friends and loved ones who have passed over.  Receive love, healing and answers from those on the other side.  

During a reading, Mary will connect with those in Spirit and bring through evidence that will help you recognize those loved ones and deliver the messages that they want to convey.


30 Minute Mediumship Reading (No Recording)

$ 85 USD

30 minute Mediumship Reading (No Recording).  No refunds.


60 Minute Mediumship Reading (No Recording)

$ 150 USD

60 Minute Mediumship Reading (No Recording).  No refunds.


MP3 of Your Mediumship Reading

$ 3.00 USD

MP3 Recording of your Mediumship Reading emailed directly to you.  Please wait 24 hours for receipt.  No refunds.



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