The Happiness Key

January 28, 2016

I love looking at A Course in Miracles to gain insight from the lessons that I can apply to my day to day life.  One of the lessons from the Course says "Forgiveness is the key to happiness."  (Lesson 121)

That made me pause.  I know right now there are people that I am struggling to forgive.  There are days that I can forgive an action or a person who did me wrong.  But then there are times, I just can't do it.  I'm holding on to it, letting it grow and fester.  

This non-forgiveness, if I had to create it as an object, would be a big blob of grey.  It would envelop me, making my site unclear and bringing a heaviness to me.  This is what happens when I decide not to forgive.  

How do I do that, though?  How do I work on forgiving?  Sometimes it's looking at the situation for the lessons that I learned, sometimes it's explaining the past life connection and sometimes, it's acknowledging that people are human (including myself) and that stuff, well, it just happens.  Maybe it's a lesson to me to handle things differently or to look at what my responsibility was in the whole scheme of things.

I just know as long as I hold on to the issue, it's not hurting the other person or situation, it's just hurting me.  The other person is going on with their life and here I am, dealing with this big blob of gray.

If it's appropriate, I may tell that person how I'm feeling.  If I can't or decide not to, then I can write a letter than I never mail or talk to a friend about it.  Whatever it is, it's important to release.  Forgiveness can bring a lightness, a happiness, that I may not experience if I can't let go.  And why am I going to deprive myself of that because of another's actions or my own stubborness?

Forgive if it's only purpose is to make your life better - you owe that to yourself.



January 11, 2016

The flowers are in my hands,

precious petals full of fragile fragrance

and colors that dance over my eyes,

turning up my vision with a

knob of delightful global views.

It's so beautiful and simple.

I have to treat it gingerly, though,

because with this beauty comes a price,

a price of danger of injury.

And an extra force of my breath

can make it wither in my fingertips,

causing it to never be the same.

Each unique in its own way;

I get to touch so many and

experience to sweet smells

in my olfactory nerves...

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A Place of Honor

November 19, 2015
Wound so tight,
the core is hidden,
the outside is strong,
no one can penetrate it.
Hiding in plain sight,
it is kept close,
no one needs to see it,
it can stay hidden forever.
But then it starts to seep through.
Others are noticing,
hiding is no more of an option,
it starts to fight its way through.
It has to be acknowledged,
embraced and developed,
crafted to perfection,
allowed to finally breathe.
When it opens to its potential,
finally takes its place,
it now takes on a whole new life,
it can be all it ...

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Stronger Than That

June 9, 2015
I should have seen that coming
but somehow I let my glasses get fogged
with a fuzzy full-of-supposed-dreams cloth.
Everyone else says they watched it happen,
popcorn in hand,
as the play by play is painted
by that fake smiling reporter
who thinks she knows my story.
Put through filter coming out
full of maybes and I thinks.
Doubt has an iron first
and it holds me lover tight.
Yeah, yeah, you told me so.
And I say so what?
Can you help me out?
Because I've disappeared again
and can't seem to push
this big br...

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The Lies We Tell Ourselves

March 21, 2015
I was talking to one of my clients about a certain goal she wants to achieve.  She is thinking about going back to school but there are a lot of things that seem to be standing in her way - her age, her desire to go, family pressures - she just wasn't sure which way to go.   
She said to me "So these are my beliefs and thoughts about it."  My response, " Well, those things we tell ourselves - we wouldn't lie to ourselves, would we?"
We all have our beliefs and thoughts about ourselves.  And e...

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It Isn't Over

March 4, 2015

I was having dinner with a friend tonight and we were talking about goals that we have - big ideas, big dreams.  In the midst of talking and debating if we could accomplish our respective goals, she said "Hey, it isn't over until they put us in the ground."   

This made me pause.  She was right.  Our lives, while finite and the "deadline" is unknown, are ours to shape and experience, no matter what the age.

It seems as we get older, we get more scared, cynical, complacent and downright grumpy....

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The Past, Present, Future

February 28, 2015
A friend of mine and I were discussing how he likes to live in the past.  It's been troublesome to him over the 25 years I've known him and he seems to reflect on and regurgitating situations over and over again, reliving tough details and hurts.  
After a particularly intense conversation, he said to me, "I don't know why I do this.  I wish I could understand it."  So I said, "Well, what do you think it is - other than being a Cancer?"
As we talked, we came to the conclusion that the past, w...

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Try, Just A Little

February 27, 2015

Recently I had a client come to me about some problems in her life.  She felt things were stagnant, rough and she didn't see a direction.

Part of my job is to flush out solutions.  "What about this?"  I said.  "Well...." she countered with reasons as to why it wouldn't work.  "Okay, how about that?"  I countered.  "Well...." more reasons why it wouldn't work.

Now, I'm all about being realistic about what we're capable of but I also am one who believes we have to push past boundaries to create c...

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You Earthquake

February 24, 2015
The dream squashers are everywhere,
ready with their steel toed boots
to stomp all over the stars in your eyes.
Smashing your windows with words 
full of sledgehammers and grenades,
hoping to leave ashes and shards 
in their wake.  
After all, why not let you clean up
the mess you carefully crafted together
with hopes and wishes and fears
and desires and work?
Do you truly know them? 
Do they hold the key to your heart?
Do they know better than all 
you've put your biologicals in?
And when you look in thei...

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February 23, 2015
I was talking to a friend of mine tonight.  He went through a pretty bad breakup with another friend of mine.  It's been a tough time for both of them.   I'm grateful I've been able to keep them both in my life.
In this discussion with my friend, we were talking about trust.  One of the reasons why we have stayed friends is because he is able to talk to me about his life and I keep it just to me.  He was saying  how hard that was to find.
In yesterday's musing, I talked about rumors and gossi...

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