"They Don't Call It Work for Nothin'."

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I was lamenting to a friend of mine recently about how hard things seem to be lately, not just for myself but for other people. I asked him, "Why is it like this? Why are so many people overwhelmed? I mean, when do we get a break?"


He said to me, "These experiences make us stronger and help us build character. We have to go through things in order to help others. It's not Spiritual play; They don't call it Spiritual Work for nothin'."


I hated to admit to him that he was right but in my eyes, he is. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, no lessons in life come without effort.


When we are in the midst of it, though, it's hard to see the good that is going to come out of it. It's difficult to understand why we go through what we go through, right? "It shouldn't be this way! I'm a good person and not have to be dealing with THIS!"


Here's why good people get the challenges. Good people have the strength and character to deal with the things that are challenging, though. The good people are actually the ones that come out of the experience with a new appreciation of what they have or who is in their lives. The good people take the experience and do something world-impacting with it. The good people are the ones who get molded into the people they can truly be through these life trials.


Nothing happens without consequence, whether it is positive or negative. People who really are strong and powerful will survive, recover and make the world a better place. And remember, impacting your own world influences others which influences others, and then, well, global impact.


This is why we get the challenges we do. We get an opportunity to take the "work" and make it our passions, our drive, our purpose and, at some point, our happiness and our accomplishments.


So how do you feel about Spiritual Work? I'd love to hear your opinions at mary@spiritualitygirl.com




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