Accomplishments, Part 2

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~Yesterday we talked about how we can look at our year and see what we accomplished.  Today, we'll look at other categories to see how we've done and ways to plan for next year.~

So far we've talked about accomplishments with health, friends, relationships and expanding the mind.  How about the accomplishments and challenges we had with our emotions and feelings?  How did we do with expressing ourselves, even if it wasn’t to other people?  Were we honest with ourselves or push our feelings aside?   We may have sacrificed ourselves for the sake of others.  We may have to review what price we paid for doing so.   Or, we could have spoken our truth and told someone what we needed to say? 

And of course, what was our year like spiritually?  Did we take risks in trusting our instinct, communicating with Spirit and following our Soul’s Path?   What did we do to uplift others – and did we take times to uplift ourselves?  Our Spiritual life is just as important as our physical, mental and emotional work – how balanced were we in those realms?

I’m just scratching the surface with things that we want to accomplish.  You probably have things with family, kids, friends, work, life that you are working on.  And you should take a moment to pat yourself on the back for all that you’ve accomplished.  This year has been one of the toughest in a very long time.  Jobs have been lost, the economy is struggling, people are sad and it can be a struggle to cut through the negativity.  The news just tells us of many of the bad things in the world.  Rarely do we see positive stories – the “feel good stories” on the news.  No matter how this year was for you personally, you were surrounded by many different things that could have derailed you and be proud of the fact that you’ve made it through.

And no one expects you to do it all.  You can’t!  Things take time; life’s responsibilities shouldn’t be ignored.  What I am suggesting is to plot out those things that you want to achieve and know that each step you take should be celebrated because you’re moving.  And the dust starts flying when you’re moving - things just can’t stay the same or stagnant.

When you go home today, take a few moments to write down your accomplishments.  Take a look at your life over the past year and think about those things that made you who you were this year.   What worked, what didn’t work, what you did well, what needs improvement.  And don’t be hard on yourself.  If you didn’t get to something this year, that’s okay.  You have a fresh new year coming at the end of the week to get started again.

Now that you’ve done that, take a few moments to set realistic goals for yourself.  What do you want to do this year?   Let your mind wander.  Ask Spirit to give you some guidance – they have a plan for you.    Start with yearly goals (so by the end of 2011, you will accomplish x, y and z) and then break them down into monthly, weekly and daily goals.   Make them realistic – Spirit certainly does not want you to wear yourself out.

Remember, every experience you have, whether good or bad, moves you once step closer to your Soul’s Purpose.  This means what you were put on earth to do, what your mission/your path is.  So if you have a feeling to take a class in creative writing or to study with a certain spiritual teacher, do it.  These instincts that you have can be built into your goals.  Luckily, in the day and age we live in, lots of these interactions and connections can be done via email or internet if we don’t have time to go someplace to take a class.  And with each step you take closer to getting what you want, what your passion is, the more you’ll be fulfilling your destiny.

And that’s what it’s about.  Digging down deep and no matter what people say or what doubts you have, you push forward to make it to what your purpose is.  It may not be clear right now and that’s okay.  Spirit will not allow you to set goals that aren’t in line with your highest good, let’s be honest.  Don’t make it more complicated than it is.  By sending out the Universe what you want to accomplish this year, you’ll get guidance and fine tuning that you don’t need to pay a coach for.   Spirit will help you – you just have to ask.  Meditate, automatically write, check in, pray, do healing, whatever you need to do.  But Spirit wants to co-create with you – you setting those goals makes your partnership with Spirit really come alive.

One more thing to consider.   No matter how you consider your year, looking at what you did and didn’t do, consider yourself exceptional.   There is no reason to rank yourself any less than exceptional.   Telling yourself any less really isn’t truthful – you can make your life anything you want it to be with a little planning, hard work, hope, joy and Spirit by your side. 

Our lives can always change and be improved but if you chose to do this exercise of a review, always be positive and loving to yourself.  So far, you have achieved so much and don’t downplay that.  Sure, we can all find places to improve but don’t focus solely on that.  If you ignore all you’ve done well or downplay it, you will forget all those great things you have to build on.  And why do that?  Put the spotlight on those amazing things that you do and add to that strong foundation.  Imagine how high you can climb!

Many blessings to all of you for a wonderful New Year.  It’s going to be your best ever!          

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