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Posted by Mary D'Alba on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 Under: Articles
I have started looking back at the teachings of The Secret and one of the things I like was the concept of being grateful.
No matter what is going wrong, no matter what is happening, the theory is to be grateful for everything in your life, even the hard lessons.  
The thought is that being grateful will help you see what you already have in your life.  It shows you how abundant you really are.  It's not just material things but also your relationships, your talents and your gifts.
There have been days that I'm having such a bad day, the only thing I feel like I can say is "I'm thankful for having a good hair day."  But then I think about other things - I'm grateful I can call someone I care about, I'm grateful my car is running smooth, I'm grateful for the wonderful gift I have of writing.  
Once you start, you'll be able to rattle off a list of things to be grateful for - it doesn't matter how big or small.   The more you give thanks, the more that comes into your life because you cherish what you have now.  You are able to see all your gifts and see opportunities to create more.
It also helps you get out of a bad mood.  Even if you're listing things that may be silly, you can say "Hey, yes, I'm grateful for good hair day" and as it makes you laugh, you'll feel better.
So daily, think of things that make you grateful and happy.  It'll make you feel better and, more importantly, you can celebrate all the happiness and wellness in your life.
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