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Has there been a time in your life that you decided to do something different?  Finally!  You know what you want to do with your life!
And then all of a sudden -  all that fear, the doubts, the past, the things you “must do” - hold you back.  “That idea is crazy”, “Why would you do something so silly?” for example, those are the voices that tug at you, sometimes not so softly, to stop you.  And many times, they do.
What is all the muck that comes into your life to stop you from what you’re doing?  Why are you stopped?
My friends, it’s something called “The Ego”.
Now, I want to be clear, the Ego is not the same as Self-Esteem.  Self-Esteem is your worth, how you feel about yourself and the situations presented to you.  Ego is the superficial - it can encompass pride, jealousy (i.e. "I want what you have), and negativity when change is coming.  Self-Esteem may say "I don't know how to do that but I'll learn." where Ego will say "Forget about it.  That's change - you don't want to do that.  How could you do that?  You don't have time, etc".
The supposed purpose of the Ego is to help you.  The Ego is there to stop you from doing something that may hurt you or cause you pain.  It’s your “critical factor” that helps you discern good and bad.
The problem with the Ego is that the unknown can cause the Ego to kick into overdrive and prevent you from flying and soaring.  The Ego can stop you from your greatest growth and happiness.  The Ego will pull the past, present and future together to make a situation full of possibilities.  But are they real?
The Ego makes you identify with these concepts and buy into the concept that outside influences are what can make you happy.  Is it all about the new car, new job, the face lift or something new that satisfies the outside but not the inner soul?
Or is it about living your life by connecting to your soul’s purpose?
It is possible for us to putting the Ego aside, quieting the critical voice and touching the experience of now.   The experience of now is living in the moment, not what’s left behind in the past (by connecting with those memories that no longer service you sitting in the past) or projecting what the future will bring, but completely enjoying the moment you are experiencing right now.
Imagine a more peaceful existence where drama is quieted and you’re able to peaceful move through situations.  It can be done with work and an awareness as to what around you could be causing chaos.  There are many different tools to do that - mentors, specialists, books, metaphysical tools like hypnosis - lots of concepts to pull away the emotions and fear and look at the situation through neutral (and positive) eyes.
You can start this process by being aware of your thoughts.  When something new is presented to you, listen to those inner words.  Are they positive?  Are they real?  Is it fear based?  Sometimes you just have to tell that voice to be quiet because it's not coming from the place of encouragement and happiness.  When a thought comes in that you don't agree with, change it into something more positive.
Also, by creating change in your life, you help the consciousness of the planet because we are universally connected.  Your growth and chance contribute to the whole, which will help elevate others.
Transformation awaits you – quiet that voice and start looking at your life through strong self-esteem, not your ego.
~Copyright 2010-2011, Mary D’Alba (Spiritualitygirl)~

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