Celebrate Each Day

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 Under: poetry


Celebrate each day

for your eyes opening

your early morning breath

breakfast of champions



Celebrate each day

for your heart beating

the hugs you receive

the laughs from your belly



Celebrate each day

for the work that you complete

the relationships you build

the lives you touch



Celebrate each day

for the moments that make you pause

whether they are unbelievable

or amazingly good and memorable



Celebrate each day

for the challenges you face

you can handle them with your famous style

with a little bit of grace and charm



Celebrate each day

as your reflect in your pajamas

as you say good night

as you rest your head to recharge for a new day



Celebrate each day

you are a special part of the world

you make your mark each moment

you are so loved by many

you are celebrated each day.


~Copyright 2009-2012, Mary D'Alba, Spiritualitygirl~


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