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We're not good with change as humans.  We like things to be stable and when the unknown gets thrown into the mix, we struggle to find the solid ground again.

This is understandable.  We work so hard to get what we have, we want to keep our families in the lifestyle they are used to and we have our routine down pat.   So when things start shifting, we worry that life is never going to be stable again.  We focus so much on the uncertainty, we forget this is a part of life.  Life is always going to shift.  Is it possible that having a stable foundation is an illusion anyway?

Our lives are in a constant flux.  For example, when we read a book, watch the news or talk with a friend, these experiences shift the knowledge and perspective that we have.  This is change to our foundation and hence, the filter that we look at life through shifts. 

There are other examples of change - job responsibilities increase, kids shift our perspective by experiencing something new for the first time and friendships grow and transform constantly.  If we review our day, we'll find there are several small incremental things that changed in that day.  It may not be enough for us to notice even though it has affected us.

We only see the changes that are dramatic and huge.  However, when we look back to even a year ago, mostly likely we're in a different place.  We may be much further along our journey this year than others or we may have taken just a few small steps.  Whichever the case, chances are, we aren't in the same place.

If you feel that changes are too difficult in your life, think about times that you handled this shift well or, if you remember a situation that you didn't handle well, think about what you learned.  These will give you strong steps to move forward through the issue at hand.

Embracing change becomes easier when we realize that these shifts are constant.   We forget is that we can handle change - we actually experience and master it all the time.  So even if the foundation underneath you is shaking you up, remember that you can handle it because you use your skills every day.

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