Cultivating the Spark

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Thursday, February 10, 2011 Under: Articles

One of my favorite things to do is psychic readings.  I love to lay out the cards and listen to Spirit guide my client.  It’s a gift that I am so blessed to have and I’m thrilled I can share it with others.

Part of my goal in a reading to provide healing and information that will move my client forward.   It’s ultimately their decision what they do with the information but it’s my job to get that guidance as clear as I can.

Here I am, doing a reading, and I give my client a piece of guidance that is going to push them out of their comfort zone.  It’s laid out there for me to see, it’s clear, I tell them the (what I think is) exciting news and then I hear:

“I can’t do that.”

My response?  “How do you know?  You haven’t done anything yet.”

Our mind is conditioned to protect us from doing anything that might cause us harm.  However, our mind doesn’t rate the situations we’re going through from “life or death” to a matter of inconvenience.   It tries to protect us just the same.  Our mind races with the thought of “you can’t do that!” or “that will not be possible” or “are you crazy?  why would you want to change what you know?” or “STOP!!  No!!  FEAR!!”

It takes some time to formulate a plan to make change.  The mind is going to encourage us to not do anything but our dreams are stronger than that.  That little voice is just that - little.  It isn’t the only voice you have.  There is a bigger voice that you can listen to - the positive one.

We forget or ignore we have enough smarts, drive and will to reach those goals.  It starts with growing the spark inside us.  The spark that lights up the dreams that are really what is soul is longing for in this and all lifetimes. 

It’s up to us to find, cultivate and show the world the spark inside.  Those judgments, people who don’t believe or encourage us, our own “little” voice really isn’t enough to stop us.  We may let it temporarily because we are afraid.   However, if we embrace the spark we were divinely given, those fears, nay-sayers and voices will fade.  They aren’t stronger than the spark.  They aren’t stronger than what you are.

Find supportive people and places that will help the light grow bigger, stronger, more powerful and the most beautiful and unique spark ever.  Our life is truly ours - believe it and take it to the places you want to go.  That is what our ultimate journey is.

~Copyright 2011, Mary D’Alba (Spiritualitygirl)~


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