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Every year as we get closer to ringing in the New Year, I ask and get asked "What are your resolutions?"  I come up with a few that don't last more than a few weeks and then I'm back to the same old habits.

This year I thought, "What if I call them something different instead of resolutions since that's not working for me?"  I came up with the term "Determinations".

I think January is a great month for being determined.  ((Throughout January, I'll keep referring back to that word so think about what it means to you.))  It's a fresh start, a new chapter to our life book and we're ready to go!  We take each step forward focusing on our goals with no wavering.

I know the words resolutions and determination are similar in definition.  You could come to a resolution or a determination of a situation.  It's a settlement or a decision.

When I think of the two words, though, they feel different to me.  I'm resolved to something makes me feel like I made a decision but it isn't quite as strong.  But, if I'm determined, I picture myself moving down the road with gusto, no one can stop me, nothing is in my way.

Plus, resolution to me now has that connotation of not being committed.  I make a resolution and then toss it out the window in a few weeks.  I've decided to change it up to "Determinations" because the word is brand new and means something different to me.

We can do this with all kinds of words that don't have the intended purpose for us anymore.  Changing up the tone or the word we use can make it so that we have a clean slate and it gives the idea or task a different energy.

So, what are your "determinations" for 2011?  I would love to hear them and support you along the way!  Mine are being even healthier in mind, body and spirit, taking more time for myself and finding ways to relax and rest every day.  Feel free to share your determinations.  Just remember, you've got a whole year to work toward them!  Whether they are small or big, whether they take a week or a year to accomplish, remember, they are important because they are yours.  So go for them!

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