Did I really sign this Karmic Contract?

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As we go through our day-to-day lives we learn lessons to improve our experiences and impact our higher self and soul.  An interesting spiritual theory is we come into each lifetime with a group of people called a “Soul Group” that we live, learn and love with the ultimate goal of evolving our souls. 

On a basic level, the people in our “Soul Group” make the great impacts to us.  Sometimes our interactions with them are pure bliss and we are blessed to have these people in our life.  However, sometimes these people are the ones that challenge our beliefs, talents and inner strength the most and we wonder how we ended up even being in the same room with them.

Think about your “Soul Group” for a moment – who are the important people in your life?  You probably have known this group of people for many years and traveled with them through several lifetimes.  You have had different relationships with them in other lives.  Your mother could have been your brother, your sister could have been your husband and you could have been the child of your own child in a past life.  You may notice this in the way you interact with certain people – do you take care of your best friend like she is your child?  She might have had that role in a past life.  Makes you look at people in your life with different eyes now, doesn’t it?


Knowing this, the question then becomes “How do I work out my karma with the people in my “Soul Group”?”  This is actually very natural and instinctual.  The interactions we have with these people, the ones that make significant impacts on our lives, are the ways we work on our karma.  Within these interactions, the decisions on how we handle these relationships and the good and bad situations that are presented to us are how Karma is transmuted.  Before we incarnate in this lifetime, we determine how our relationships are going to play out with other souls so we know instinctively what how we are going to help each other evolve to brighter, happier people.  These are called “Karmic Contracts” and we agree to fulfill each others’ contracts as we move through this life.


Now you may be asking, “What about people that I have tough relationships with or who have hurt me?”  A way to look at this is that these people took on the role of tormentor or terror to help you complete your own Soul mission.  How did you handle being hurt?  What changed you?  What made you grow?  Were you able to take your experience and inspire others to heal?   Sometimes from hurt come the greatest gems of knowledge, change and positive impact.  Look at how this situation has changed you for the better and, if you can, honor the fact you fulfilled your “contract” with them so you can move forward in your life.  The situation not only changed you but it also made an impact on the other person so regardless of how it ended, it had a valuable impact to all involved.


Everyone that comes into your life has a purpose for your own growth and journey down your spiritual path.  Remember that “Karmic Contracts” do not last forever and people will come and go.  Thank these people for their impact on your soul and know you’re moving forward in perfect time and pace. 

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