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One of the most common phrases I say during a reading is "Don't worry." 


Then I get the look.  A look that usually says "Are you kidding me?" 


I know it's easy to say that phrase.  Because at that point, I'm not in that situation to worry about it.  It's also a pretty easy phrase to throw out there, almost as easy as "Good Morning". 


Instead of worrying, what if we transformed worry into something different?  What if it turns into something  much more positive?  Is it possible? 


While I know worry is natural for us, it may not be the best way to handle the unknown.  Because really, isn't worry trying to anticipate the what the future will bring?  And usually, that worry makes us think of the worst case scenarios.  We turn the worry and all the thoughts and scenarios that come with it in our mind over and over again.  It prevents sleep, it makes us nervous, it rattles our every thought, making us believe we have - at the most - limited control of what's happening. 


Worry clouds our judgment.  It springs us into a desperate place to try and grab some control.  If we can put worry in its place, we can analyze the situation with clearer eyes. 


This may be that every negative thought needs to be countered with a positive one.  It's a dialogue of balance between the two.  It doesn't mean being so positive that we're unrealistic.  It actually is an exercise of analyzing those feelings and asking if they are real.  If we are too emotionally invested to answer with the positive, imagine those thoughts as a third person talking and the response has to be positive.  It's imperative we are the positive because those positive thoughts need to come from us so we get inspired and generate courage from within. 


This exercise will root out those thoughts that are real, those thoughts that are possible and those thoughts that are completely unrealistic or tinged by too much worry.   


Doing this brings back strength and a sense of having a say in what happens.  While we can't necessarily control the situation, we can control thoughts, actions and reactions.  Being empowered to create and own the control gives us the strength to look it and tackle it differently.  We might even get excited at the possibilities! 


There is nothing like handling a situation from a place of power.  Manage that worry and we manage or even create our place in the situation.  It is a skill that may take awhile to get comfortable with but the more practice, the stronger we will be and the worry won't have a place anymore.   That worry now turns into personal triumph.  So embrace it.


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