Drama Is Thy Blanket

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, March 4, 2011

I was having a conversation with a friend tonight and we were talking about how some people just seem to thrive on drama.  Anytime you talk with them, they have a story about what's wrong, what's happened, who wronged them, why it happened and how they can't do anything about it right now. 


So as we were discussing this, I said, "Well, some people just love their drama, it's like a warm blanket they wrap themselves in and they think it's comfortable."


To which she said, "Well, drama is like a scratchy, old blanket with no softness.  It may make you warm but at what cost?  It will scratch and hurt you for just a small payoff.   BUT...if you chose something other than drama to wrap yourself in, something positive, it's warm and silky.  It could be made of cashmere or angora.  Something soft and kind to the skin."


I really liked her analogy of negative things being scratchy.  Yes, the blanket may give you some warmth but what are you giving up otherwise?  Are you holding people away from you because you don't look approachable under that rough blanket?  Could your drama be keeping people at arms length?


Or could it be if you wrap yourself in the positive - love, happiness, calmness, compassion - it will draw similar people to you?  They'll come over and say, "Hey, that blanket seems really warm!  Is it working for you?"


People don't want to approach or be near someone in a blanket that is uninviting.  After a while, the person NEXT to the one wrapped in the drama blanket becomes affected and they move away.


However, if you have a warm, inviting blanket, two can share because it's big enough.  It's easy to open up and let someone in - they'll want to be close!


And, even better, when you realize that the drama blanket is only being held on by you, you can easily take it off and grab a different one.  It's not glued to you - you can easily let the drama go. 


Now, which blanket do you want?


~Copyright 2011, Mary D'Alba (Spiritualitygirl)~

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