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Posted by Mary D'Alba on Monday, November 29, 2010 Under: Articles

With 2011 waving hello as it approaches, it is time to create those New Year Resolutions that are chocked full of good intentions but not always followed through on as the months pass by.  

One of the things that is considered is health.  Exercise programs, eating and diet considerations and all around tasks to create wellness is tackled.  Usually, though, only the physical (the body) is considered.  What about the mind and spirit?

Think about the Mind, Body and Spirit being a triangle that needs balance.  Considering all three ideas together touches all aspects of life and there is no way balance cannot be achieved.

For example, "Feeding the Mind" consists of what is said, what is thought, the noise around and within.  It's all those things that come into the mind and are sent out.  So, think about what programs are watched or books read, what is said to others about others, thoughts about the self and talents and all those other mind bending things.  Look at the time spent on all of these different sources of mind food - should some be cut out or at least turned down?

What about "Feeding the Body"?  What food and drink dominates each day?  Sometimes logging food for a week gives a great insight.  It's not just what is eaten, though.  What about exercise, clothes, seeing the doctor for a physical - all those things that take care of the physical temple.  Doesn't that deserve some attention?

The third part of the triangle, "Feeding the Spirit", is also important and can be neglected the most.  This not only has to do with the spiritual connection, whatever that is for an individual.  It has to do with the "Spirit" - the personality and energy of a person.  What about the dreams, the passions, the mission of life?  These are all part of the Spirit within.  A good question to ask is "What is the Spirit hungry for?" and there is usually surprise with the signs, symbols and answers that come back.  Is it building a better relationship with self and others?  Is it taking steps to find new work?  Is it taking a chance?  While exploring the Spirit side may create more work or even anxiety, once this realm is tackled, many more things in the Mind and Body categories fall into place.

Will this take work?  Of course.  It will be work of all aspects of the Mind, Body and Spirit.  However, becoming aware creates opportunities for growth and change.  Spend some time of the self because it is well deserved and balance can be achieved. 

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