Finding the Balance

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Thursday, May 5, 2011
It seems we are a society that is just driven to keep going.  Work, school, kids, relationships, hobbies, housework - we can have it all right? 
There are times that we get completely overwhelmed and overloaded.  I like to say it's when my head is ready to explode.  There is just too much coming in and I can't keep it all straight.  The problem I find is I can't get rid of all of these things (not would I want to) but how do I stop getting overwhelmed?
First, if there are things you can get rid of or streamline, then do it.  If you take some time to get those things under control, you'll be able to breathe a little easier.
Second, it's important to take time to get yourself feeling calm.  (This doesn't take a long meditation, even though that is a wonderful thing to do.)  You can do something as simple as taking three deep breaths and each time say to yourself "I am calm" (or "I am balanced").  By doing this, you're telling yourself through positive affirmation and also through a physical cues (the deep breaths) that you are calm.  Notice a shift?
It's not always easy but if you do this, you may find that you're making decisions differently because your mind is clearer.  You're not totally driving off of emotion.  Remember those times you've made decisions based off emotion or adrenaline?  Do those always work out?
Taking time to bring yourself to a centered place will help you handle the day-to-day stress - can't we all use a little help with that?
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