Fueling My Fire With Words

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Sunday, January 27, 2013 Under: Articles

With 2013 here, I am working on doing things in my life differently.  No resolutions, just making improvements that I think need to be made.


One of my improvements is to be more careful of my words.  I speaks before I think.   I like to blame in on the Sagittarius in me - we're known to be blunt.  However, that doesn't mean it has to stay that way, though it would be much easier to keep it and blame it on my astrological sign.


It's funny how when you make a decision, a situation will come your way that will test that choice.  The other night, I spent time with a person that isn't one of my favorite people.  I work on be friendly and polite but usually, after I see them, there is a litany of words spoken about them.  I take that time to vent so I can get it out of my system.


Now, with this new improvement I'm working towards, I notice that I have to shift my thoughts and words by being conscious of what I'm thinking and saying.  This is new for me, again, usually I just release whatever want to come out of my mouth.   However, because I am more aware, I found myself literally biting my tongue the other night.  It's not so easy to hold back the words, especially when I feel like I should have the right to vent.


These "venting" or "fighting words" are like gasoline to a fire.  The fire is how I am feeling about the person and every time I talk about them with negativity, vengeance, anger or other "fighting words", I am adding fuel to the fire of disdain and making it bigger.  


However, if I use words to cool off the negativity, in other words, I say something like, "That's the way this person is, I am working on how I react to them, that's all that matters.", the fire cools.  It's like throwing water on a fire, it puts it out.


We all carry those little fires in us that make our peace and tranquility fade away.  It burns away at our loving and strong energy, creating holes and scars so we are not quite whole.  


I'm not saying I'm not going to stand up for myself or keep things in that need to be said.  The difference is that words are a valuable and powerful commodity and I need to use them that way.  Do I need to use "fighting words" to talk about the person?  Do I need to expend any energy?  Probably not.  By not doing so, I actually feel like I've kept my energy intact and no one can rattle my peace.


Next time I think about talking negatively about someone, I will think before I speak.  Words don't need to add fuel to the that fire.  I much rather put it out and use my tranquility and power to navigate me into a stronger and calmer place.


What do you think about talking about people in a negative or positive way?  Drop me a line at mary@spiritualitygirl.com.


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