Fear blocks my view

it taints the colors

it distorts the truth

it saddles me with heaviness

because of the Fear

I can't show you me

I can't get to know you

I can't reach out

when I feel the Fear

my knees buckle

my stomach quakes

my spirit shrinks

I am not me in my Fear

but it has become

a comfortable blanket

an old friend

a familiar place and time

when I live the Fear

it is what keeps me here

in the rain

in the dark clouds

in the lack of all I want

What is this Fear?

Is it real - for real?

Is it destiny for me?

Am I just trying to protect myself?

Without my fear

I may be more genuine

I may break out of this shell

I may open my heart

When I release the fear

I lose the sadness

my chaos calms

my life changes

without Fear

I see the future

I love for now

I embrace today

Goodbye Fear.


~Copyright 2011, Mary D'Alba (Spiritualitygirl)~