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Habits.  Those pesky little things that are comfortable, familiar and sometimes, not so good for us.  They say it takes 21 days to change habits.  If you're trying to break a habit, 21 days could seem like 21 years.

I am a big believer in working the Mind, Body and Spirit together, uncovering how one affects the other when working with my clients.  When the three of them are working together, you are in lovely harmony.  When the three of them aren't working together, it's like three people fighting with each other.  Disharmony and discourse. 

I've been working on some of my own things with this concept in mind.  One of the things I am doing is trying to eat healthier.  It's not easy when some of my favorites stare me in the face in the fridge, like mashed potatoes or a cupcake that I know is delicious.

Me being me, I want it to be easy and to change overnight.  I want to always make good food choices and avoid those pitfalls.  "Oh, no, I don't want a piece of Death By Chocolate cake" or "Yes, more Diet Coke - I haven't had enough caffeine surging through my system."  This is where I'm working

These are temptations - the potholes that I could fall way into if I decide to make choices every day that don't work for me.  Moderation is important and that's what I'm striving for in my healthy eating life.

Of course, I have that the Pros and Cons angels on each shoulder.  Pros Angel says "You're doing great!  Keep declining that choice!" while the Cons Angel says "One bite won't hurt you."

At the end of the day, I realize that when I make poor choices for myself, I create and maintain habits that continue taking me further and further away from my ultimate goal of health. 

Creating new habits takes time and frankly is hard.  I'm finding if I log my accomplishments or do things to motivate myself (like putting a dollar in a jar every day I eat well), it's much easier for me to stay on course.

And for some reason, if I fall off, I don't beat myself up.  I immediately look at what happened, create a plan to handle the situation differently and move on to the next meal (notice I didn't say next day).  Slip ups happen when creating new habits because humans aren't so open to change all the time and want to stay where they are.  But they happen less and less the more you stick to it.

So if you want to change a habit, just get started.  Don't tell yourself you'll start when x, y, z happens.  Pick a date in the very near future and plan.  You'll find that your health, well-being and happiness will be better for every step you take towards your goal. 

Today we talked a bit about habits that affect the body, tomorrow we'll look at how habits can affect the mind.  Join me!

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