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Yesterday, we talked a bit about how habits can affect the body.  Do we take good care of ourselves?  Are we eating well, getting enough rest and exercising?  If not, what kind of feelings do we have in the body itself? 


But we can't look at the body alone in our quest for overall health.  The Mind, Body and Spirit are so connected what is happening in one of the categories can affect all of them.  That being said, let's review how habits can affect the mind. 


For example, when we don't get enough rest, what happens to our day?  Do we need something to wake us up?  Are we at our best?  We may find it's hard to concentrate or process problems as well as we usually do because we're not fully charged.


Imagine a cell phone that isn't charged to 100%.  Sure, it will work but will it perform as long as we need it to?  It may shut down earlier than we want it to.  The less charge it has, the less power it will hold and earlier than needed it will cease to do what is needed to be done. That can happen to us if we don't get enough rest - not only are our minds dragging but our bodies feel like they are too.


So we may have to do things to get our minds awake to just get through the day.  Until we fully charge ourselves again, we ultimately aren't at our best.


Another example of how the mind and body are connected is when we worry.  If we're worrying about situation, it weighs "heavily on our mind" but it can also weigh heavily on our body too, right?  Worries can affect the body in many ways - not taking care of the self by overeating, headaches, sleeplessness, biting nails and nervousness, for example. 


How do we handle this?  By finding ways to both affect the mind and body together.  One way is meditation.  When we calm the mind, the body relaxes.   There are countless studies out there on the benefits on meditation on the body such as immune system strengthening, calmness, better sleep and more. 


Try it for two weeks for even 5 minutes.  Sit quietly with soft music and just relax.  Focus on a word over and over to keep the daily chatter from taking over.  Or, using a guided meditation will help too.  Do something to quiet the mind and each day, there will be more peace and calm. 


Another idea comes from the book "The Secret".  "The Secret" talks about The List.  The idea is creating a list of things that create happiness in the mind - thoughts of family, friends, places, memories and hobbies - anything that works to lift the mood.   When having a bad day or bad moment, the idea is to think of those things to create happiness and elevate the mood quickly.  Then we're not so focused on the negative, which can make us feel bad in the body.   When we're happy, our body responds as such with positive feelings, movement and even walking taller!

Of course, if it is more serious or chronic within the mind that is affecting us, it's always great to talk to someone to help us get on track and create harmony in all aspects of our lives.


Pay attention to out thoughts and analyzing whether or not they are serving our Mind, Body and Spirit will make us more aware of creating overall health.   Are our thoughts positive?  Uplifting?  Determined?  Excited for the future?  If not, why not?  And what can we do to change them?  Even if we are in dire situations, having a strong outlook and thought process will help us handle those situations with knowledge and clarity. 


Tomorrow, I'll talk about the third aspect - the Spirit - and how it completes the Mind, Body, Spirit concept.  Join Me!



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