I have hope

in the world,

in humanity, in life.

The world turns and changes

I see sparks of light

more than ever.


I have hope

people uplift others

They extend their hands

they reach out

to catch those that fall

so they can get on their feet.


I have hope

that all needed will be fulfilled.

No hunger, no thirst,

no poverty, no hurt,

no pain, no doubt,

only love to the highest degree

because that's all we need.


I have hope

that people would fully heal.

Breathe easy, feel light

the pain will be gone,

replaced with happiness

body, mind and spirit free.


I have hope

hope in you, hope in me

hope in humanity

hope in the universe

hope for oneness

hope for unconditional love.




~Copyright 2011, Mary D'Alba (Spiritualitygirl)~