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Those two little words - I AM.  We use them many time to start a sentence.  "I am tired.", "I am cold", "I am happy".   Those two words at the start of the sentence gives us lots of different ways to identify and express ourselves.  Do we always think about those words that come after "I AM"?  Let's look at how those words impact us at some of our core beliefs and how being more positive in our "I AM" statements will benefit us in the long run.

Those words I AM make a declaration.  It's a powerful statement, isn't it?  When we declare something, it's more than just saying it.  It is putting power behind those words.  For example, the United States has the important document called "The Declaration of Independence" that gave us very powerful words that influence our world to this day.

According to dictionary.com, a declaration is "something that is announced, avowed, or proclaimed." When we say "I AM (fill in the blank)", all of a sudden we own that mood, idea, words and declaration.  Using that phrase makes a statement about us, whether it be good or bad.  It's a statement that we absorb, even for a moment.   That moment can affect us in very deep ways that we may not realize until later when we're sorting through those things that hold us back. 

We may not realize how powerful those words are.  If we did, we might think twice about not always using the most positive words after the "I AM" phrase.   For example, I know there are plenty of times I have said "I am so stupid." when I make a mistake.

Anyone who works with affirmations tell us that some of the most powerful affirmations start with "I AM", exactly for that reason.  We make those affirmations on what we want to accomplish, who we want to be and the things we want to bring into our lives.  The possibilities are limitless.  Those affirmations paint with colors of hope for us for better, brighter and happier.  

However, there is another reason why these words are so powerful.   In many religions and philosophies, the words "I AM" represent the Greater Spirit, the Higher Deities.  Therefore, when you say "I AM", you tap into the divine of you.  You fire up the spark of the soul.  Why would you ever put down your soul, your light, your divine by using a word that doesn't lift you?  Even in jest, your body, mind and spirit register a vibration and absorb what you are declaring.  

What sounds better?

"I am stupid, I am ugly, I am not worthy, I am a terrible person, I am tired, I am beyond repair."


"I am beautiful, I am smart, I am talented, I am deserving of more, I am an amazing person, I am awake, I am love."

See a difference in the feeling between the two?   One is very heavy, full of judgment, sadness and despair.  The other one is full of promise, hope, happiness and joy.   Be aware when you make those declarations about yourself, whether through your thoughts or your words.  Say "I AM" as the Gods would talk about you - with love and pride.   By being aware of our "I AM" declarations and using words that encourage and uplift, we'll hear and use those negative "I AM" statements much less.  Doing that gives us the motivation to make changes and believe in ourselves.  I AM confident you will agree.

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