I Can't Hear You

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, November 28, 2014
There is more media around us that ever before.  The TV, the radio, smartphones, the internet, ITunes, youtube, craigslist, google - just to name a few.  There are hundreds of websites out there for us to research things we want to know more about.  Multiple news sources, books, newspapers - tons of information at our fingertips.  Amazing, yes.
One of the things that found, though, with all these distractions around us, the voice inside us is barely at a whisper.
We are so used to be bombarded by information at all hours that we can't hear our own instincts.  How many of us go to bed with the TV on at night?
Yes, all of this information is good for us to do research but if we aren't tuning in to our own feelings or our own intuition to process that information, we aren't honoring our own instincts and voice.  We take in everything coming at us and we aren't analyzing it for our own use.
Let's take the economy for example.  There are all kinds of conflicting news reports - "It's getting better, it's getting worse, layoffs, rebounds, closings, openings".   
What?  Who wouldn't be confused?
What happens is when we take all of this information in, we own it.  And it shapes our reality.  But is it our reality?  Is it really true?  What does the internal voice say?  Can you hear it?
How do you make the internal sound louder?  You have to listen to it.  That means not as much TV, not as many Podcasts, not as much information coming in without noticing what is coming in.  What about taking control of that?
The background noise is more than just noise.  You're internalizing it whether or not you're paying intention.  Your mind records everything that is around you through the subconscious mind.  Your subconscious mind is where your memories, beliefs and values are stored.  The more you don't pay attention to what's going in there, the more your values are being shaped without your input.   And who wants that?
So turn down the volume on the outside influences and turn up your own internal voice.  It's really working for you and your best interests.

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