I Wish

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Thursday, February 19, 2015 Under: Articles
I wish people could see how amazing they are.
I wish people didn't believe the lies they tell themselves.
I wish people could see that past mistakes don't predict or have to influence the future.
I wish people know the pain they have is real and certainly ok to get over whenever the hell they want.
I wish people would respond to weakness (including their own) with compassion.
I wish people would love without fear and give it as freely as criticism and ridicule.
I wish people mended fences, regardless who is right or wrong.
I wish people wouldn't be ashamed of who they are or what they believe in.
I wish people lived as they wanted without fear of repercussions, hate or judgement.
I wish people were okay with setting boundaries and standing strong.
I wish people could believe they can accomplish anything and kick the stuffing out of any obstacles that are stupid enough to show up.
The stronger we get, the better the world gets. So why do most of us walk around so messed up? Our perceived differences create walls that aren't necessary.
Change is in our hands. Now is the time because, at our core, we just want the basics - love, compassion, fulfillment of dreams, pushing past our limits, seeing what we're made of, family, friends and happiness. Don't we all deserve that?
So what do you wish for?  And what do you deserve? 

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