It Isn't Over

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 Under: Articles

I was having dinner with a friend tonight and we were talking about goals that we have - big ideas, big dreams.  In the midst of talking and debating if we could accomplish our respective goals, she said "Hey, it isn't over until they put us in the ground."   

This made me pause.  She was right.  Our lives, while finite and the "deadline" is unknown, are ours to shape and experience, no matter what the age.

It seems as we get older, we get more scared, cynical, complacent and downright grumpy.  We mourn over lost youth and opportunities.  Is it possible we die while living?  Maybe parts of us do - the part the holds the dreams. 

Life can shape us into certain molds. We buy into the belief that who we are right now is who we always are going to be.  If we look over our lives, though, we have changed molds plenty of times.  It still can change into a different shape; we have to be a part of making that shape, though.  We can't expect life to make us who we want to be. 

As we shape our lives, the opportunities and talents we have become apparent and develop.  Sure, this doesn't happen over night but it does happen.  If we say we are an artist, we can work on our craft and become one.  If we say we a teacher, we can set up classes and teach.  We define ourselves.  Others may try to define us but we alone are the ones that gives us our definitions.   Others can tell us we are amazing but if we don't define ourselves that way, then we aren't. 

Think about what you want out of life, what would have meaning, what would excite and drive you to be your best.  Set up a plan to work towards it and see what comes up in front of you.  You may say to me that it's not that easy but it is.  It is that easy to make a plan and start working on executing it.   Ask for help, reach out, get a mentor.  If you don't ask, you won't receive.   

And trust me when I say, I know the work may be difficult, but remember, it shapes you into the mold you are.    Have control over it and make your life what you want to be.  You're not selfish or delusional to think this way.  Others may see you as crazy or foolish but let them think that.  You give your life your meaning.  Make it what you really want it to be.  You can do it.  

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