It's My Karma? Nope, drop that spiritual crutch!

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Karma can be a huge influence in our lives, especially for folks who are walking a spiritual path. We meet someone, end up in a crazy situation and then say "Oh, I'm working out my Karma with this person." And then that's it, we do nothing. How does that help out Karma? Doesn't that just create more Karma for us? 
It's easy to blame Karma for what we're experiencing. I know I've found myself into a not so pleasant "friendship" because I've not wanted to confront the person or situation. Now I realize if I had stepped back and saw the situation for what it was instead of excusing behavior and ignoring my intuition, I could have stopped my own hurt and confusion much earlier than I did. Many, many times I said it was my Karma with this person. I now realize that even though that was true, I forgot the main reason why we experience Karma in the first place - to make that Karma change so I could learn my Soul's message and move on. 
It is true that we are playing out the Karmic ties. It's all over our lives. Our mothers were our brothers, our fathers our daughters, our bosses our lovers or children – souls continue to dance around in many lives together until they learn the teachings they came on Earth to play out. These relationships are no accidents. Before we came to Earth, we played "Let's Make a Deal" with these other souls. Our contracts with them were to be in training with other Souls to transform those relationships and ourselves.
However, what we have to be careful of is that we don't let ourselves become passive or complacent in the situation. Part of working out the karma is to make a change and not to let ourselves fall into the same path we've been experiencing through this lifetime and others.
Karma is something that helps us grow, not a crutch for us to lean on so we don't do anything about it. In other words, if we have a boss that is being really rude and not respecting our boundaries, it's not okay just to say, "Oh, that's my Karma". Sure, maybe you've done something in a past life to be dominant over this person, maybe they are a part of your soul group, whatever it is, that's okay! Your work now is to CHANGE or TRANSMUTE that Karma. If you don't, that karmic relationship repeats over and over in different places until you step up and say, "Enough is Enough."
Saying "Enough is Enough" can be a challenge, isn't it? However, if you don't, you may find yourself looking at the same lessons over and over again, watching them get worse until the message finally hits you over the head with what I call the metaphysical 2x4 piece of wood. It will develop into a situation where you finally have to confront it, whether or not you want to do so.
Stop it before it gets to that point - make a move as soon as your soul starts to gently nudge you into action. It may be tricky but it's less dramatic to take care of it sooner than later. I'm sure you can think back to some events where if you had just said something earlier in the experience, it would not have been as explosive or complex to solve.
That's the point. Your Karma is your blessing, as hard as some days that is to believe. Your Karma is helping your soul to grow by saying, "I have the power in me to make a difference in how this is played out." It may be unpleasant, even messy, but it may also be the most beautiful experience you've ever had. Honoring yourself and your contracts on this planet is part of your Soul's Purpose of being here.
The most important piece to know about Karma is that you are in control of how you handle, manage and change your Karma. Don't lean on "Oh, it's my Karma" without doing anything about it. Yes, it's yours Karmic contract and it's also your life to lead.
You making your life the most fulfilling it can be by working through the Karma lesson book. By doing that, you're creating a new type of Karma - the one that fulfills your Soul's Lessons. 
Throw those spiritual crutches away! You're in control of your Karma and now you can lean on yourself.

~Copyright 2009- 2011, Mary D’Alba (Spiritualitygirl)~

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