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I did a reading today with a woman who is going through a lot.  She's a mom so, of course, most of her reading focused on her children.  They are going through a hard time - some medical issues, trying to find jobs, moving out on their own - lots of different things at once. 

She is someone who prays a lot but one of the things she said to me made me stop for a moment.

"Other people have so many bigger problems than I do.  I am blessed with a lot.  I feel guilty asking God to help me with my issues when there are so much other bad things in the world," she said.

I said to her, "Your medical problems with your children are no more or less worthy than the any other mom praying for her child.  God looks at all of them as the same - important.  And the Divine wants to hear from you."

Now, no matter who or what you believe in, God & Goddess, Buddha, Krishna, Allah, God, the Divine, the All (sorry if I left anyone out), they all want to hear your joys and sorrows, your pain and prayers, your heart and soul, your words and your spells - whatever you want to say or do. 

Your issues are important to YOU, which means they are important to the supreme beings.  Why?  Because YOU - all of you - is treasured in the eyes of spirit.  There is nothing too big or small those wonderful folks can't handle, really.

For example, I know there are times when I am walking in a parking lot and I'm nervous.  It's late, it's dark and I'm by myself.  Are there any signs of danger around me?  No.  But I can tell you I have no problem asking Archangel Michael to walk me to my car.  Could it be a small thing?  Sure.  He might be stomping out evil somewhere else.  But is it important to me?  Yes, and he's right there when I need him because well, he doesn't have a physical body to limit him to be in one place at a time.  Lucky. 

My mom, who is a big believer in prayer, says that Mother Mary covers her head when she sees my mother coming because my mother starts her prayers with "Mary, I'm praying for Mary, you know, the child I named after you...."  But my mother also says Mother Mary comes through with something for me, even if it wasn't exactly what my mother prays for.

All of them do.  Sometimes Spirit will not answer our spell or prayer or ritual or whatever talk we may have with them the exact way we want and in hindsight, it might be better for us.  Or, we may have to do something to make the energy shift - they can't totally do it for us.  We have to work with them to make it happen.

Your burden is not a burden to them.  It is a blessing that you trust them to help you find the way.  And you will find the way...believe that. 

Feel free to hand it over to them.  Ask them to give you the path to go or the call to make or the right person at the right time. But start with knowing you are worthy enough to ask for their help - whether it be Jesus or your grandmother or an angel or Hecate.  It doesn't matter who you ask - just ask.  Let them help.

And sure, you may have to make a donation somewhere or be asked to step up when you're not expecting it but is that so bad?  They have a way of asking you to help others when you're in a better place.  But that's what it's about, right?

Also, don't have an attachment to the outcome or anticipate how it is going to manifest.  I love it when people say to me "There is no way it is going to happen" because I think Spirit likes to show us that it can happen.  So just be open to what is going to come.  It's like going to the dentist and getting a tooth pulled.  You don't tell him or her how to do the job, right?  

Nothing you have to ask is too tough, too little or too big.  It just is. 

Many blessings to you.  Ask for the miracles and watch them happen.  Just start by asking.

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