Let Love Rule

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Thursday, January 5, 2012 Under: poetry
Love one another as I have loved you.
Love me as I love you.
Love you as I love me.
Love, love, love. 
Love is not to be judged.
Love is not to be defined.
Love is not to be bought or sold.
Love is just sublime.
Love is the cure,
Love is the high,
Love is for you and me,
Love lives on after you die.
Beyond the physical,
beyond the mental, 
in touch with the spiritual,
love permeates it all.
Love without attachments,
let go when it has to be,
Love without boundaries,
it can truly set you free.
Part of love is hurting,
part of love is healing,
part of love is giving,
part of love is receiving.
Open your heart to love, not fear.
Let Love Rule, not be ruled.
You'll then learn that Love has been there
the whole entire time.
~Copyright 2009-2012, Mary D'Alba (Spiritualitygirl)~

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