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I was driving along with my mom today, heading to the mall to get our nails done.  We happened to take a cut through to avoid the highway and I passed by an area that brought back a memory.   Bear with me as I tell this story.
When I was 16 and on my second to last driving lesson, I took a right at the corner of a busy intersection in Malden, MA.  I was promptly greeted by a cruiser flying head on towards me.  
I hit the break the same time as the driving instructor did.  He took the wheel from me, told me to hang on, threw the car in reverse and backed us up into a space so the cruiser could pass.

I finished the lesson, trembling, and went home.  I was shaken up but still wanted to get my license at that point. 

 Three days later while practicing driving with my mother, I was stopped at a stop sign and clipped by someone I worked with coming around the corner. 

I took this as an omen.  No license for me and I told her so as we pulled over.  
She said to me, "Mary, you are going to get your license.  That's it."
No matter how much I insisted, she told me this was not going to get me down.  I was a good driver and I was going to go for it.  On June 22, 1989, I got my license.
Fast forward 22 years and many hundred of thousand of miles of driving later, I pointed out the area to her where it happened.  
Mom said, "Remember you told me you weren't going to get your license?  Don't you think your life would have been completely different if you didn't?"
I paused.  I had never considered what it would have meant if I didn't get my license.  My teaching, speaking, my work - that would have went out the window at the very least.  At the most, the independence that I so treasure would not have been as easy.
Imagine if I had quit when I got so close?  Then my mom said something interesting - "The Devil sometimes does strange things before important decisions."  
She then explained to me that my grandfather never got his license.  His mother died the day he was supposed to go for it so he took that as a sign of danger.  He never went up for his license.
My mother said, "See, I would have seen that as a sign of protection.  She would have always watched over him while he was driving.  But he never saw it that way and made a choice.  It stopped him in a lot of things."
As we talked more, I realized that what she meant by "The Devil sometimes does strange things before important decisions."  It seems we get tested as we get close to this life changing events. There are things that try to trip us up - not necessarily "The Devil" - but our doubts, fears, anxious thoughts, just to name a few.   Sometimes these manifest as situations; sometimes as thoughts.  Based on those, we make choices and our choices dictate where our life goes.
But these particular situations are special.  They require us to look at if we're ready to take a chance.  Are we ready to risk for the reward?  Do we have the dedication to follow through, no matter what the challenge?  Things, people, situations will push us away from the path we should take.  Do we stay strong and follow the path or do we get distracted by these trip ups?
We find ourselves at many crossroads in life - the opportunity to make our choices.  We even get different situations with the same tone to see the path.  The choice causes our life to twist and turn.
Do we quit when it gets tough?  Do we quit when we have a setback?  Some may - some may not.   This is what separates us from those who allow fear to derail them.
Remember, you are inspired to do something different.  Yes, you may have challenges, especially right at the moment before change.  But do you chose to drive or stay parked?  It's up to you.
~Copyright 2011, Mary D'Alba (Spiritualitygirl)~

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