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Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, February 11, 2011 Under: Articles

I was talking to my mom last night and she was relaying a conversation she was having with a friend.  Mom is a "Senior" - I like to refer to her as a "Crone" - as she said something that really struck me. 

Her friend said to her "Looking back on her life, I never expected to end up here."  Mom said to her "I don't think anyone expects to end up where we do." 

It made me pause.  Do any of us ever expect to end up where we do in life?  Somehow, our plans get derailed or changed, no matter how hard we plan for them or think 15 steps ahead, the wrench get thrown in or detour ultimately comes up.

It doesn't mean it’s bad that life changes.  We find that these changes, after experiencing them for a while and seeing where we come out on the other side, actually turn out pretty good.  But in the middle of it, we fight it, we whine about it, we feel sad, we only see the losses and we struggle to work with this "new" thing that's happened.

I remember once I said to someone "The Spirits never give us anything we can't handle" to which she replied "Yeah, but we were never told it was going to be so HARD."  She was right; of course, we never knew that we were going to have to struggle to stand up again.

However, if we don't have these moments of change or shifting, we can't grow.  We'll never see what we're truly capable of because, let's be honest, we're humans and when we get comfortable, we stay right where we are.  Spirit just pushes us into the world for us so we can see exactly what we're capable of handling.  Is it easy?  No.  But does Spirit know we can handle it?  Absolutely.  And then it gets proven to us that yes, this was where we were meant to be and we handled it beautifully.

So what if our lives didn't turn out like we thought?  Doesn't it mean that we have many other opportunities to make it what we want it to be?  We can still create what we want; the scenery may have just changed.

Instead of sighing over landing in a place we never expected, why not embrace what we have?  Life will continue to change, we'll grow, people will come in and out of our lives but it doesn't mean that our core changes.  Who we are can always be taken with us.  Our memories, talents and strengths travel with us no matter where we land.   Our convictions to reach our dreams can happen anywhere.  The circumstances we land in are just around us at that moment but we can always find a way to move through those circumstances, even if it is a slow process.  It’s still movement.

Could it be that we were meant to be where we are and that was all part of the original plan?  It could be we had to experience what we go through to realize that we can change it.  It is never helpless or unable to be changed; we just have to work at it to do it.

Our expectations are just possibilities.  Once we let go of expectations and open up to all the possibilities, we can handle anything, anyone or anyplace that comes our way.  Then, we can truly enjoy and embrace the life we have, even if we didn’t land in the place we thought we would.   It doesn’t matter where we land; it’s more important for us to really live while we’re there.

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