Love: The Death Defier

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I was bit by the photography bug a couple of years ago.  I took the plunge and invested in a nice beginners camera, the Canon Rebel T3i.  I've stumbled around a bit but am getting the hang of shooting manually and I've gotten some amazing shots.
In November, I went on vacation to New Orleans.  Of course I had to bring the camera.  The city is so rich with photography opportunities there was no way I couldn't leave it behind.  
While I was there, I visited several cemeteries.  One of the ones I visited housed the Angel of Grief or Weeping Angel, as she is known.  There are some beautiful moments and statues to honor those that have passed.  I am always impressed at the love and care shown in the graves, headstones and visitors who come to honor and spend time with their loved ones.
I happened to be looking through a particular set of photos tonight.  This one made me stop:
Death is a scary proposition to many.  Built into our DNA is to live, to prosper, to thrive.  The thought of death is a far away concept that we hope only comes for us when we are very old and during the night in our sleep.
However, what about those that are left behind?  What about the family and friends that experience the loss of losing someone they love?  How do they find peace?
This phrase can help.
Love transcends time and space.  It doesn't matter if our loved one is on the other side.  The love connection doesn't die with the physical.  Once the soul makes the connection; the physical is only part of it.  What's more important is the love that brings us together.
Sure, it's hard to live without those we care about.  But think about those times signs are sent from the other side.  You hear the name of that person, you find something they wrote for you, a number connected to them comes up, anything that makes you think of them.   It can be something as simple as their favorite commercial or a song on a radio.  That's part of the love that comes over from the other side.
People continue their roles from the other side and know that they just want to see us happy.  They can help with little nudges and winks that we may or may not recognize.  Don't explain away the signs; logic doesn't always apply.
Know that if the love is there on earth, the love stays in the spirit world.  When that day comes when we make our transition, those we love will be opening the door for us, letting us into the Spirit world.  While death ends many things, it is not powerful enough to sever love.  Love is that just that powerful. 
Bonds made in love cannot be broken.  Hold onto to those bonds; having a team on the other side can only make your life better.
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