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Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, January 3, 2014 Under: Articles
 I'm a huge fan of Project Runway.  (No, I'm not ashamed to admit that.)  I love watching materials being transformed into amazing designs.  The creativity of the designers inspires me to believe anything can be made out of nothing with some thought and an open mind.
My favorite cast member on Project Runway is Tim Gunn, the Mentor.  He takes time to consult with the designers about their work while it is in process.  Gunn can guide them about the trends and what the judges will like or dislike.  It's ultimately up to the designer what they do but Gunn has a good eye and a brilliant way of letting a designer know how he feels.
One of the things Tim Gunn is known for is his famous saying "Make it Work".  (He sometimes mixes it up and says "This is a Make it Work Moment".)  He says this when a designer is going in the wrong direction or they can't seem to get their design to look right.  Gunn is saying to the designer it's time to shake off the fears and cloudiness and step up.
It's a challenge to "Make it Work."  The designers have to take what they have and  produce something that will not only keep them in the competition but wow the judges.  Sometimes the designers accomplish it and sometimes, they get further lost.  
What if we looked at those moments that we're on the threshold of important milestones as "Make it Work" moments?  We have the opportunity to push past our boundaries, not feel down and wow ourselves.  It's a challenge to take what we have in front of us and succeed regardless.
Maybe we won't always succeed but at least we pushed ourselves into a different space - a space we might not be familiar with or that we feel we can reach.  Maybe THAT moment didn't work but the skills we used at that time would come with us to use in later victories.  I think of Chris Daughtry, the singer who came in 4th place on his season of American Idol.  The winner, Taylor Hicks, hasn't had the same success as Daughtry, even with the win of Idol.  Sometimes the "Make it Work" moment gives you the foundation to build on, not necessarily the win at that time.
So are there "Make it Work" moments coming up for you?  Is there something you need to just push through?  Let me know times you've had a "Make it Work" moment and how it's turned out for you!  Email me at

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