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I was watching one of my favorite movies Evan Almighty tonight and on top of being a really funny movie (Steve Carrell with a Noah hair cut and beard - c'mon!), I loved one of the thoughts presented in the movie.

Evan's wife, Joan, had taken a break from Evan because it seemed that he had gone loopy.  While traveling to her mother's house to stay for a while, Joan decides to get dinner.  While she is sitting in a restaurant having dinner on the TV comes John Stewart make fun of Evan. People in the bar start laughing at him.  He was messing up his job as a Congressman, spewing what seemed to be nonsense about God telling him to build an Ark and had grown his hair and beard out to an unmanageable length.  She was sad, seeming to have given up but also having a strong love for Evan. 

Over comes God (Morgan Freeman) as a waiter with the name tag "Al Mighty", who Joan doesn't know is God.  She asked for a refill on her order and he says he can do that.  But he also asks what is wrong.  In their conversation, he mentions something that turned on a light for me. 

He said that God does not grant exactly what you ask for but grants the OPPORTUNITY for what you want.  When you ask for patience, God doesn't grant patience, God grants the opportunity to practice patience.  When you ask for courage, God doesn't "ZAP" give you courage, he gives you the opportunity to be courageous.  Then he smiles, leaves and she looks down to find her order is magically refilled.

And when I thought about it, when I thought about when I pray and work magick to Spirit, I get frustrated because Spirit doesn't give me what I want on the spot.  There are times I get the opportunity to make a choice.  I get the situation in front of me to create what I'm asking for. 

I went back to one my earliest learnings on my Spiritual Path - that we co-create with God.  Giving us what we want is not necessarily the way we are to learn but working through the situation, the problem, the person who is just too obnoxious to deal with - those are opportunities.  We just have to recognize them. 

What are these situations, people, ideals that are in front of us?  And what can we learn from them?  What can we do to change them?  Remember, our tormentors and our tyrants are our teachers.  We're here to learn and to create what we want.  We're here to transmute what have in front of us. 

Spirit gives us opportunities - we just have to experience and embrace them.

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