In the Wings of an Angel

February 21, 2015
As she rests 
she lies quietly
But her mind is nothing but quiet
Those thoughts race
She worries, anticipates,
thinks about what is coming up next
Before tomorrow comes
It’s an exercise in mental jumping jacks
And while she thinks she is resting
she is exhausted but asking for a sign
Then she feels a gentleness
A softness nothing like of earth
the feathers wrap her like a blanket
of warmth and love
Holding her, comforting her
letting her rest, soothing her mind
whispers that "It will be okay"
and as she drifts away
the wings stay folder around her
gently rocking her to sleep. 

I Wish

February 19, 2015
I wish people could see how amazing they are.
I wish people didn't believe the lies they tell themselves.
I wish people could see that past mistakes don't predict or have to influence the future.
I wish people know the pain they have is real and certainly ok to get over whenever the hell they want.
I wish people would respond to weakness (including their own) with compassion.
I wish people would love without fear and give it as freely as criticism and ridicule.
I wish people mended fences, re...

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Bright Light

February 16, 2015
Bright light, you are true.
There are those that would
try to dim you - 
put a lampshade on you,
soften you, direct you.
But look at you, 
nothing stops you from 
shining everywhere,
filling the room,
showing off all over.
You surround those
in your view with
delicate pieces of
connections to make
it better than it was.
Not everyone is like you,
Bright Light,
not everyone shows
their gorgeous glows.
But you beam fearless
into the eyes 
of all who observe you.
So Bright Light,
just be you.  
All others pale
in compari...

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Musing on the Musing

February 15, 2015
I love to write for you, dear readers.  "Mary's Musing" has been one of my joys throughout the past several years.   I appreciate you reading them.
Lately, thought, I've run into a bit of writers block.  One of the worst things in the world to me.  I hate sitting here, staring at a blank screen thinking, "I've got nothin'."  Or worse, starting a musing and then scraping it because it just doesn't feel right.
I do my best to give you the best of my thoughts and what I observe in the world.  Bu...

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I'm Fine?

February 10, 2015
I was walking up the stairs to my office and my psychic development student was waiting for me.  I looked up and saw her face - she looked so sad.
"How are you, sweetie?"  I said.
She looked at me and said "Doing fine!"
I paused.  She smiled and said, "Well, no, I'm not, but that's what everyone says, right?"
And she's right.  When we ask someone how he or she is doing, that person usually says "I'm fine."  It's a common response, one we never think about or really acknowledge.
We're conditio...

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Love: The Death Defier

February 9, 2015
I was bit by the photography bug a couple of years ago.  I took the plunge and invested in a nice beginners camera, the Canon Rebel T3i.  I've stumbled around a bit but am getting the hang of shooting manually and I've gotten some amazing shots.
In November, I went on vacation to New Orleans.  Of course I had to bring the camera.  The city is so rich with photography opportunities there was no way I couldn't leave it behind.  
While I was there, I visited several cemeteries.  One of the ones ...

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Time To Get Up

February 8, 2015
Sometimes you have to fight
even when your fingers
are cold and hurting,
your heart is bleeding and
your mind is weeping  
from all the pain.
It's a challenge,
though, the pillow
calls your head and
there is nothing more
you want than to not
open your eyes 
for a millennium.
And then you can 
slumber longer than that.
But if you cannot see,
there is nothing 
that you can love.
If you cannot see,
there is nothing you can
plan and plot and
watch grow like 
weeds that you don't
want to pluck away.
If you cannot see,

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Be Still

February 6, 2015
~One from the archives.  Enjoy!~
Be Still.
Wait on the attack.
Your words are like swords,
be careful who and why you cut.
Be Still.
Wait for the words.
Silence can bring out truth from others,
listen and hear what they say.
Be Still.
Wait for the sign.
Spirit wants you to know you're cared for,
they "talk" to you in many different ways.
Be Still.
Wait for the healing.
You don't have to move fast,
moving with purpose will keep those wounds closed.
Be Still.
Wait for the laughter.
Lighten your heart and sou...

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Weathering the Storm

February 4, 2015
I am born and bred in Boston.  It's my favorite place to be and, while I love to travel, I always love to see the dirty water of the Boston Harbor when I fly home.  
As you might know, we currently are getting pummeled by Mother Nature.  Currently, we have gotten more snow than we got in the historic storm of the Blizzard of '78.  More is due to come - two more storms are in the forecast in less than a week.
The snow makes us grumpy.  It's cold, we have to shovel, it makes us wet and soggy an...

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What Do We Expect?

February 3, 2015
What do we expect?
Do we set low expectations
because of shadows in the past,
hiding what we fear and seek to hide from?
What do we expect?
Hurt and pain and consequences
because of the crawling we've done
and never want to do again?
What do we expect?
Do we not say our words,
sing our song, speak the truth
because we've been shut down before?
What do we expect?
Do we ever hope to reach out dreams
or do we find ways to not manifest our goals
because of failures or lack of support?
Isn't it time to expect...

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