When the challenge comes up in front of me,
I say, “Bring it’.
There is nothing I can power through
no matter how much it tries to unravel me.
The negative words, the dirty glances,
the aggravating comments, the unjustified anger.
All those things that are pulling me down,
they want blood, 
they want my sanity.
Little do they know it’s already gone,
that’s why I’m delusional enough to think
it’s all going to be okay.
Maybe that’s why it is.
Because not knowing any better,
or maybe knowing better than all,
shows me the tough armor 
isn’t such a bad thing to wear.
They try to convince me of different, 
to be passive, to let it go,
and I say, “None of that exists for me anymore.”
your walk in the world is not mine.
Don’t try to convince me of different
I will not take one more shot,
one more unkind word,
one more manipulation.
It’s time for you to go 
because I now know what’s right
and you’re part of what was wrong.