I'm nothing special,
I just try to honor the Gods,
be a good person,
tell the right stories,
kindness is in short supply,
the stores are out,
but my heart is in,
how could I have it another way?
The Spirits demand attention
and they push me to the edge
until fear shivers my soul
and then they catch me
or whisk me into higher altitudes
with just a whisper on the wind,
it's all about trust
and the roles I was given,
questioning that leads to 
nothing but dullness in the water
and worn circles under my feet.
So here I stand, 
asking the Ones That Know
for an answer
that I have to go find myself.
Frustration, tears, death - 
it all doesn't register,
step through it or
get buried by it.
No more dying on my feet,
it's time to live wings on.

Copyright 2014, Mary D'Alba