Poem: The Saint

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 Under: poetry

He comes to me


telling me it will all be okay


blocking the darkness


fighting for my light


He comes to me


showing me what the future holds


proving to me it’s not done


laughing when I question him


He comes to me


pushing all of my buttons


making me see the truth


wiping away my tears


He comes to me


anticipating my call


letting me know he’s here


his strength is unparalleled


He comes to me


without strings or demands


smashing through the walls


lifting me to the stars


He comes to me


the protective angel


battling my evils


challenging my darkness


He comes to me


without question


with his sword


and his love


He comes to me





~Copyright 2014, Mary D'Alba/Spiritualitygirl~

In : poetry 

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