Wipe the dust from your eyes,
you're alive and, admit it, 
you're kickin'.
For once, let the 
barriers roll away
and find out what's ahead
because nothing is
untouchable, unattainable.
It's your life,
the one you live, eat, 
breathe and surround 
yourself with everyday.
You constantly rise
from the ashes
and yet, you doubt you.
What if you were finally
in your corner?
If you fought for
all that was yours -
what wouldn't be?
What couldn't be?
All those knockdowns,
the black eyes,
the bloody and dirty,
what if you stood up 
over and over again -
with dignity, grace,
determination and 
a big "that's all you got?"
Remember -
It was never meant 
to be easy,
it was meant to be