Poem: YES

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 Under: poetry

Sometimes you feel like the whole world is against you,

plotting, planning, creating your demise

ripping apart painstakingly prepared plans,

laughing as you try to pick up the torn pieces.

But life is what it is,

bad and good, up and down,

it does what it does.

It's our responsibility to do what we do.

We don't have to fall,

we don't have to cry,

we don't have to react in a way

that stops us in our tracks,

beats us, betrays us.



Life does not happen to us,

we are not players in the game

just waiting for the hit.

No, we are the Masters,

the ones who teach others

how it's going to go.

Each moment gives us a chance

to say YES,

Yes to what we have, what we want,

what we deserve.

YES to all the world has to offer,

life has to give us,

the riches and tastes of the sweetest.

So when are you finally going to say


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