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Problem solving - a term that is thrown around a lot today.   How can this be made to work differently or properly?  Getting the task done and making the problem disappear (or even manageable) is an amazing skill.  At a job or in a career, this is usually one of the measurements of performance - how did you solve that problem?  Did you meet expectations or did you have a higher than usual skill set?


For some people, this isn't quite as easy, especially in their personal lives.  They may be a wiz at work but when it comes to where they are stuck in life, well, that presents a challenge.   


Why is that?  Well, for the most part, with a work task, there is not as much as an emotional charge to it.   Here is the task, here's what needs to be done - how do you bridge the gap?  The emotions start coming in when you put a value on the task ("I have to get this done so the company can continue to function") or the people ("I don't want to let my boss down") or the consequences ("I could be in trouble for not fixing this"), for example.  


For us, our own issues, it's different.  There are all kinds of emotions embedded into it.  How we feel, how it makes others feel, what pain was inflicted, what benefits are received from it, how to get rid of it when it's been around for so long, it's a daunting task - where to start, what will other people think about it, can I hurt someone by fixing this, what will be different for me when I do, I can't do this - I don't have the strength/talent/knowledge...and more.


It can be paralyzing and overwhelming.  Now you're aware of the problem and here are all the reasons why it seems like it will be a challenge.  You may have the insight to change it but now the next step is to actually do it.


This is where some may fall down - that gap between insight vs. change.  Insight is valuable in pinning down the problem but it may not be enough to change it.  If you have knowledge and do nothing with it, will it create the change in your life?


The only way to take that insight to the next level is to move the energy.  Start making changes.  More insights come.  Make more changes - slowly, steadily - more insights come.  As you continue to move, create change, flex your muscles and take action, the more change will occur.  And where you started may not be where you exactly end up - your road may take you somewhere different.


So - are you ready to be a highly skilled problem solver?  Dismantling the problem piece by piece gives you the room to be more open to other things, positive things, in your life.   


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