Remembering Our Ancestors

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Monday, October 31, 2011 Under: poetry

It's not an ending, it's transformation.

The body may have broken down

but the soul has never been stronger.

Grieve for a time but not forever.

They want you to live your life

so they may rest in peace.


They are still your loved one, even when gone.

They are part of your mind, heart and soul

imprinting with permanent residence.

Honor those that passed as the veil is thin.

Hallows Eve connects you closer than ever

and keeps their spirit alive with love.


So light a candle for in honor of them tonight

because they honored your light in life.

They brightened your heart and the world.

Happy Halloween & Blessed Samhain/Beltane!

~Copyright 2010-2011, Mary D'Alba (Spiritualitygirl)~

In : poetry 

Tags: samhain  "honoring the dead"  halloween  love  ancestors  family 
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