Remembering Your Dreams

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~I've been getting a lot of questions on dreams lately so I'm republishing this article to help people work their dreams.  There is some great information in your dreams so pay attention.  Enjoy!~

People want to remember their dreams - is there prophecy there?  Will I get a message?  Maybe a deceased loved one will come and speak with me?


All of the above are possible but you need some tools to help.  Here's some suggestions:


First, know that dream interpretation is successful when the person having the dream is able to relay the symbols to themselves.  You can look up the meaning in a book, and some may apply, but you also have to remember that a bird in one of your dreams may mean something different than in mine.  So, the books are good but a big part of it is what the symbolism means to you.

Second, it helps to set an intent before you go to sleep.  Say to your guides or folks on the other side something like this, "I'd like to get some clarity on my relationship with x.  Please help me have a dream that has the answers.  I'd like to remember as much as I can about my dream when I wake up."


Third, keep a notebook beside the bed.  Before you toss off those covers and put your feet on the ground to start your day, grab that notebook and write down what you can.  Date it.  Note how you feel.  Nothing you put down in this notebook is silly or insignificant.  It's your notebook - your dream journal.

Fourth, you can also use crystals to help enhance your dreams.  Some people like to "program" their crystals to help with a certain problem they want to solve in dreams.  For example, if you want to find out about love issues, hold a rose quartz in your hand, imagine it being cleansed (you can even run it under an energetic shower) and then program it by saying what you'd like to use it for in dreamtime.  Place it under your pillow.


Have fun working with your dreams.  You can get great information from them.  With some work and consistency, you'll be able to remember them.


~Copyright 2009-2011, Mary D'Alba (Spiritualitygirl)~

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