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I went to the Red Sox World Series Game 2 in October.  Being around Fenway when the Red Sox are in the Championship brings fanatic to a whole new level.  People decked out in all red, wearing World Series shirts from 2004 and 2007 and just grinning from ear to ear.  I had my Canon camera on me and was snapping pictures happily.
After taking some pictures of the people and sites on Yawkey Way, we made our way inside Gate D of Fenway Park.  The elevators are to the right inside Gate D and straight ahead were the concessions.
My husband Joe stops to fix his bag full of stuff we would need for the night.  Camera lenses, blanket, programs and other things of fan regalia.  I lean against a pole about 10 feet away from him to wait and get out of the way.  And then it happens.
It was slow motion.  I turn my head to the left and there is Jason Varitek, walking by me.  Jason Varitek was the Catcher for the Red Sox in 2004 and 2007 and was also the Team Captain.  He is beloved, even though he has retired.  Wow!!  There he was!!
I then turn my head to look in front of me.   Mike Timlin, one of the relief pitchers for the Red Sox from 2003-2008, walks in front of me.  RIGHT-IN-FRONT-OF-ME!
So what do I do?  I reach forward, touch Mike Timlin's arm and say, "Hello Mike Timlin! Hello!"
He looks down (him being 6'4, me being 5'0") because he realizes someone is touching him and saying his name.  
Timlin looks down and grins at me.  "Hello!" he says back.
 And then he was gone.
I was giddy.  I didn't ask for a picture; I didn't ask for his autograph.  I just touched him and exchanged less than 10 words with him.  We had a moment together.  
As I went to take my seat in the very crowded, excited, slightly drunk crowd of Fenway, I thought about that experience.  It was a moment.  That's all it was.  However, it was a moment that impacted me.  I was excited about it.  I called my Dad to tell him how I said hello to Mike Timlin.  I posted it to Facebook.  And I was excited when I saw him go out onto the field with several other members of the 2004 Red Sox to throw the first pitch out.
I think about all those experiences that impacted me throughout my life.  They were all moments.  They were seconds of impacts that changed me.  Only seconds.
If you think about your life, you may see moments that have impacted you.  Or moments where your words or actions impacted others.  That's all it takes.  It doesn't take something long or drawn out.  It takes less than seconds to make that kind of life changing impact.  
What if we thought about our lives going forward as moments?  We have less than seconds to create a positive or negative impact.  Life looks a little different doesn't it?  It's not just seize the day anymore.  It's seize the moment.  SEIZE THAT MOMENT.  
Know that each step, each word, each interaction is creating those impacts.  They freeze in time.  That moment I had with Mike Timlin I can't get it back.  Even if I was standing at the same pole and he crossed me again.  It's not the same thing.  It is the unique snapshot and experience that I'll always carry with me.  It didn't mean anything to him, I'm sure, because he experiences things like that all the time.  But it meant something to me as a fan, experiencing the World Series at Fenway.  It was a person who helped bring two Championships to this town and brought joy to my heart and many others.   
Even the impact can have tentacles that spread into other memories or feelings.  While a moment has an impact, it moves like a glass of liquid that spills.  It covers more than the impact, it affects different places in the body, mind, spirit and memories.  It is a moment but it is more.  It seeps, it grows, it spreads.
Remember your impacts on those that you interact with, whether it be a stranger or a person you know or love.  That moment can never be taken back or replicated. 
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