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Intent is one of those terms we hear a lot in the crime and punishment shows.  "What was his/her intent?" 
In the spiritual sense, intent can be setting an idea before you do something such as magick, a reiki treatment, a reading, whatever.    This can actually be expanded to your day to day life, not just the spiritual realm.
For example, when you wake up in the morning, you can set an intention of having a great day.  Or, if you're going into a meeting, you can set the intention the meeting goes smoothly and communication is clearly understood.
Setting intention doesn't take a long time - all you have to do is ask the Universe for what you need by being quiet for a few moments.  You could be walking down the hall to your meeting and that is the time you set your intent.
Specifics are helpful when setting your intention so it's better to say "I'm going to get a lot accomplished in doing projects around the house today" instead of "I'm going to do a lot today".  The more specific your intention is, the more the Universe will understand what you need.
Now, does this mean that you can set an intention to have a great meeting but show up late and do no preparation for it?  No.  This is part of asking for what you need and then taking actions to make it happen.  It's taking personal responsibility for what happens in your life.
However, by setting an intention, you're setting up yourself to receive what you need.  You know how you feel when you're happy or sad - you can feel the difference between the two.  Setting your intention can shift your attitude and your mood before you tackle what you need to do.
Also, setting an intention should be in a positive framework.  Instead of saying "This person will not give me a hard time", say "I will have a harmonious interaction with this person."  There is a difference between the two, even within feeling those words.
Setting your intention only takes a moment but will have a lasting impact throughout your day.
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