Snowmahgeddon and Peace

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Tuesday, January 27, 2015
In New England, we're in the midst of Snowmahgeddon.  It's a blizzard that is supposed to rival our  Boston Massachusetts Blizzard of '78.  As I write this, it still remains to be seen.  Regardless, it's enough that several newscasters have concurred on a such a prediction and we have taken it as law.
Funny things happen when a big snowstorm is predicted.  People flood the supermarkets for food.  Gassing up the car is important to help the gas line not freeze.  Rock salt, boots, big gloves, shovel, snow blowers, plows, flashlights, batteries, candles - double check everything is working!  We are ready.  The local news talks to people in these lines asking our opinions and one gentleman put it succinctly, "It just seems like it's gonna be a whopper!"  That sums it up.
So now that all my electronics are charged up, food is in my belly, the faucet is running water so the pipes don't freeze and I have taken a picture of the snow so far, I am content to sit and talk to you, dear reader.
We have been asked to get off the roads in Boston.  Snow emergencies are in place and we have no choice but sit tight until our government deems it safe for us to move.  It's a good move but one that begs the question, "What the heck am I supposed to do until then?"  And what if the power goes out?  Oh no!
Sometimes we need to take a moment to see what's around us.  Yes, we are trapped inside but it's only temporary.  Who is around us?  What do we have?  Can we take a snow day too?  
There is something to be said for putting down the electronics and having conversations with people.  If we focus our full attention on those connections, rather then electronic connections, we can experience deeper relationships. 
When these times come up where we get forced to stay in and stay close, it presents us with opportunities to unplug from the hustle of daily life.  It's like Mother Nature is telling us to take a moment and put our feet up instead of rushing.  We have no choice; we have to take some moments for us and those around us.
So next time there is something that is out of your control and causing you to wait or slow, try not to curse it.  Take a moment and see what good can come out it.  The memories and connections will be worth it.

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