Stained Glass Window

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 Under: poetry

Who am I?

I am a collection, 

a masterpiece of careful 

creations and contributions. 

There are so many pieces 

of experiences, places, people, 

I feel like a stained glass window 

with many parts making up the whole. 

They are colorful and 

many sizes - purples, blues, 

greens, and greens, 

they make up a picture. 

The picture of me.  

So when you see me, 

you see my parts as a whole. 

But when you step back 

and look, you'll see that 

I am many things that 

make up the my window.


So who are you? 

Are you the same? 

Are you also a stained glass window?

Full of color and parts that make 

up the whole? 

We all are. 

We all are many things 

that make up our own windows. 

All unique and beautiful, 

all are being held together 

and can be fragile.   

So why not treat each other gently 

and allow the beauty 

and the light to shine through? 

The only way the colors 

can be seen in their best light 

is for the sun to shine on them. 

You can be someone's sun 

or darkness - why 

not help others shine 

and bring out the best 

colors in them? 


~Copyright 2010-2012, Spiritualitygirl~


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