Standing in the Sun

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, February 25, 2011 Under: poetry

The rain falls on me,


I feel the drops,


stinging my skin,


the wet rain reminds


me of my wet tears.


Dripping, soaking me.


Tearing me to the core,


even though soft.


The rain doesn't let up


I try to shield myself


but the umbrella


flies away like a bird,


I feel the rain again.


It isn't stopping.


It drives harder,


it pounds me until


there is not a drop of dry left.


I shiver but I then realize


I'm still standing.


The rain may be pelting me


with all it's got


but even though slippery


and driving as hard as it can,


I'm still standing.


The rain can't knock me down,


it can try to push me back,


making me fight for each step


but I do because


the rain has to eventually


let up on the fierce pelting


it gives me for a while.


It tests me, making sure


I decide to stand strong.


I can find shelter from the storm


and wait for it to ride out.


Eventually, the rain gives up


and there I am


left standing in the sun.


~Copyright 2010-2011, Mary D'Alba (Spiritualitygirl)~ 

In : poetry 

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